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Banadir Business Park (BBP) is fully registered Somali Company whose parent Company, Banadir Gate, has a successful business in shipping, port agency, port handling, customs clearance, transportation and logistics, Aviation and refueling services, warehousing, accommodation and security.BBP enjoys an excellent reputation in the services it provided to its clients, and the product it supplies to its customers, and the company vision is to not just maintain this bar of excellence, but to increase it through new services to the business community working in Somalia.

With this in mind, BBP had the vision to see a gap in the local market for high-quality accommodation and support services such as catering, cleaning, and laundry in a friendly, secure and homely environment within the “Green Zone” of Mogadishu. We can tailor the service to your specific needs and budget so that your staff gets the best service and you get good productivity and motivation from them in the workplace.

Banadir Business Park under the sister company Banadir Gate Security boasts of excellence in the provision of a much desired secure environment for our guests, we have well-trained security force guarding 24/7 the premise, with a well-balanced shift. The building is fully under surveillance with strategically placed CCTV Camera. For our guests, we have a range of security details to choose from, for escort purposes and close protection; we have six double cabin pick-ups, B7 GMC bullet proof as well as a standby B6 Ford for emergency evacuation. Our close proximity to Medina Gate gives direct communication with the Amisom Forces in case of emergency and accessibility to medical services at the Level II Hospital within MIA.

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